On October 27th, MS researchXchange held our third Live Event, featuring Drs. Paul Kim and Michael Kornberg of Johns Hopkins University. They presented their work on bryostatin-1 (Bryo-1), a drug that could prove to be the next major disease-modifying therapy (DMT) for MS. The Event was moderated by our editorial director, Dr. Mike Racke, and included an engaging Q&A session after the talk.

Despite their effectiveness in controlling relapses, current DMTs do not combat the neuroinflammation believed to drive disability progression, nor do they promote remyelination and restore function. Bryo-1 has the potential to change this. Some key points about Bryo-1 from their presentation:

  • Drives microglia to secrete factors that reduce astrocyte reactivity and promote differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells
  • Enhances ability of microglia/macrophages to clear myelin debris and support remyelination
  • Accelerates and promotes factors for remyelination in focal demyelination model
  • Effects seen in model mice of both sexes

You can find the full presentation slide deck here, as well as a full recording of the talk and discussion here.