About Us

Welcome to NeuroresearchXchange™, a free information service created and operated by DropCite, Inc. We are committed to supporting the advance of biomedical science by providing a platform where researchers and clinicians can share their insight on significant new research in their field of interest. Our goal is to help enhance the utility of preprints and open access publications through curation and crowd-sourced evaluation of new research.

Our primary coverage now is on research related to neurodegenerative diseases, with a particular focus on Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis. We plan to expand our scope in the coming months. In addition to providing subscribers with a feed of the important new papers from the preprint servers and open access journals, we host live presentations and journal clubs to stimulate discussion among the community of researchers and medical professionals working to advance new treatment modalities.

We believe science advances through conversation, which we strive to support and enable here at researchXchange. Welcome to our community.

Robert Morris, MD, PhD
Founder and CEO

OUR TEAM – Management

Bob Morris, MD, PhD – Founder & CEO

Bob, DropCite’s visionary team leader, is building on several decades as a research scientist to dramatically improve how scientists interact with each other.

Andrew Haughin-Scasny, PhD – Lead Editor

Andrew earned his PhD in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University

Joe Lamport, JD – Publisher

Joe brings deep legal and online start-up expertise to our business planning and strategic positioning in the online communications environment.

Donna Gerardi – Chief Client OfficerDonna manages DropCite’s client relationships, drawing on her extensive leadership experience working at the intersection of science and policy.

Bruce M. Alberts, PhD
An emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UCSF, Dr Albert’s illustrious career includes 12 years as President of the National Academies of Science.

Jessie Berlin, MD, PhD
As former Global Head of Epidemiology at Janssen, Dr. Berlin provides perspective from both academic and pharmaceutical research about the current culture and expectations of researcher-to-researcher interactions. 

PavleRepovic, MD, PhD
Dr. Repovic is the Medical Director for Neurology Research and Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.

Michael Racke, MD
Dr Racke is Medical Director for Neurology at Quest Diagnostics. He is a leader in the field of neurology and neuroimmunology with special expertise in multiple sclerosis and former Chair of Neurology at The Ohio State U.